Game looks great. FOV & all text look proper.

(PLP screenshot with bezel effect)

Borderless (best choice *):
1. Do FWS Fix **.
2. In-game (x64 or x86), Windowed, Apply (not Fullscreen Windowed, & leave in-game FOV slider at default 97 ***).
3. ShiftWindow (+ border = borderless). x64 version is bit finicky: must wait for player, then Trigger ShiftWindow twice (may trigger easiest by Alt+Tabbing to ShiftWindow).

OR Fullscreen:
1. SoftTH (fullscreen, DX9 x86) in (path-to-game)\Binaries\Win32\.
2. Do FWS Fix **.
3. Run x86 game (not x64). If x64 system, must bypass launcher & run instead (path-to-game)\Binaries\Win32\ AstronautsGame-Win32-Shipping.exe.
4. In-game options, select massive resolution, Apply (leave in-game FOV slider at default 97 ***).

1. 2015 Redux version spreads too, but using a different method.
2. ** Flawless Widescreen (FWS) Fix:
A. Enable plugin, checkmark Remove Letterbox, HUD Fix, FOV Fix. But leave FOV slider 0 (it's offset, zero likely proper FOV).
B. Go to menu Settings, Configuration, Display Detection. Checkmark Enable Detection Override; enter Width & Height (fullscreen PLP), HUD W&H (center's size), HUDX (side width), HUDY zero. Save Changes.
3. * Borderless x64 game textures are far higher quality than fullscreen x86.
4. *** In-game FOV slider is of no use: does not go far enough on its own, & it forgets on restart if using FWS.
5. If x64 game boots to black & hangs, turn off MSI Afterburner (or similar program).
6. Game may chug for the rare gamer. Likely cause: FWS's FOV is being disagreeable. Workaround: disable FWS FOV, & instead edit GlobalSystemCameraFOVAngle value in ...My Games\...\AstronautsSystemSettings.ini (~ 129, default 97).
7. Sea-Thing Gate puzzle may require controller to complete (on any setup. Puzzle is cool, but optional).

View guide for general help with the instructions.
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