Thru Desk Mount (Option)

Submitted by skipclarke on 17 March, 2014 - 02:46


Please see this forum post regarding stand availability.

You may be familiar with our Wall Mount Kit. It's a great option to reduce the footprint on your desk. However, it's not feasible for many users. It could be that your desk isn't up against a wall, or that your in a rental where you can't drill into the wall. To that end, I've worked to develop a through desk mount.

Ergotech does offer a through desk "grommet mount", but it is only designed for single or dual monitor installs. A couple of users have created homegrown mods for through desk mounts. And while they had proven that a through desk mount works, they weren't optimal for a finished product.

The solution of our through desk mount solves the issues that I felt needed to be addressed - weight distribution, stability, long term feasibility and aesthetics. All of these issues are touched on in the YouTube video detailing the new option.

The WSGF Through Desk Mount is made from PEEK. It is upcycled from remnants that would otherwise be discarded, and end up in a landfill. PEEK is comparable to Aluminum, but is much lighter and offers a much better strength-to-weight ratio. The piece is custom made and hand milled at a local machine shop, so this purchase also helps me support other local businesses in my area.

The kit includes:

  • Desk Mount Plate
  • 4x 5mm/.8 50mm bolts
  • 1x 8mm/1.25 50mm bolt
  • Washers for associated bolts

Shipping & Handling

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This mod is *NOT* supported by Ergotech, and is not warranted by Ergotech. If other hardware fails, Ergotech will honor the warranty of those parts. However, they will not warrant improper installation of this option. Additionally, the WSGF will not be held responsible for improper installation. As of January 2016, this option has been in the field for more than two years, and used by more than two dozen gamers. There has yet to be a single reported failure.


This product must be in a solid desk top - either wood or metal. It cannot be installed in any "hollow core" desk top. The included hardware is designed for a 1" desk top. If your desk is measurably thicker, you will need to secure bolts longer than 50mm.

If your desk is measurably thinner, you should seriously consider your desk's ability to handle the installation. If you are confident, you will need to secure additional washers or shorter installation hardware.

  • Remove the collar from the base, by removing the four screws from the bottom of the base.
  • Using either the base, or the through desk plate, find your installation spot on your desk. Ensure you have enough clearance around stand for setup.
  • Ensure one hole points "forward". Mark the four outer holes. Use a straight edge to draw connecting lines, to find the center hole.
  • No turning back now.
  • Drill holes through your desk, slightly larger than the 5mm and 8mm bolts.
  • Find help to assist either on the topside or underside of the desk.
  • Place the collar on the desk, and hold the plate on the underside. Feed through the four 5mm bolt/washer pairs, and start each one.
  • Once started, finger tighten each 5mm bolt on the outer edge.
  • Place the pole in the collar, and start the 8mm bolt/washer pair.
  • Tighten all bolts with a hand wrench or ratchet. Do not use power tools.
  • Once pole is installed, test by hand to ensure that the pole is installed securely and that the desk can handle the load.
  • Follow PDF Installation Instructions to install bar and mount monitors. PDF is for "Base Model" HD Stand from Ergotech

Please see this forum post regarding stand availability.

Price: $75.00