Driver San Francisco 2011 Manual PLP Instructions

Submitted by imusrt on 1 April, 2015 - 20:01

Complex setup, worth the effort. Game looks & works good overall, particularly all views & full rendered video. HUD, menu & FMV videos are not ideal, but not a problem.

(PLP screenshot with bezel effect, no CE HUD fix)

1. GROUNDWORK. Do Black Margins Fix * for fullscreen (if game has the problem). Then in-game windowed, single-screen resolution. At main menu, jot down game version. Quit. SoftTH (fullscreen, DX9 x86). Make read-only: %USERPROFILE%\Documents\ Ubisoft\Driver San Francisco\graphics.ini. Download game's Cheat Engine (CE) table from wsgf. If suffix is XML, rename suffix CT.

(Shelby Cobra, 1P view, with CE HUD fix)

2. STARTUP (every time). Start game (it's windowed) to main menu. Alt+Tab, start CE. Click top left CE button to open game's process. In CE menu: File, Load the wsgf CE table (CT remembers). If you got right table version, CE shows correct single-screen aspect. Edit main CE table values (instruction for v1.04. v1.01 is bit different, read wsgf): Aspect Ratio yours (width/height), FOV (about 0.02715, change as needed). Checkbox on left for both value (to freeze). Alt+Tab to game, select fullscreen & click Back. Then select massive resolution, confirm & play.

(ghost view)

1. CE GUI / HUD Fix: Optional, recommended only to end-game players. Freeze value. Removes HUD stretch, but does not center; world map icons become far more difficult to click (must be hunted high & aimed careful. Garage icon is easy).
2. CE Movie Fix (FMV): Optional, recommended only for slim-bezel setups. Freeze value. FMV movies become single-screen resolution. But not center & runs across bezel.
3. * Black Margins Fix. Symptom: single-screen game with black margins on all sides. Cause: game stored wrong refresh rate. Fixes:
A. For fullscreen, in-game must switch between (& apply) ~4 weird resolutions, low to higher, & lastly up to yours. If fails, repeat.
OR B. In-game windowed removes margins.
4. Borderless: SoftTH + CE + in-game resolution + ShiftWindow (+ border).
5. Failures: FWS fixes (badly tested **) & CE "centered" values.
6. ** FWS menu's resolution override was not tested. Game may work perfectly this way, 50% chance.

(3P 1080p stock view)

(3P PLP view, no CE HUD fix)

(3P PLP view with CE HUD fix)

(floating world map icons w CE HUD fix)

(rendered video)

View guide for general help with the instructions.