Quantum Conundrum 2012 Manual PLP Instructions

Submitted by imusrt on 8 April, 2015 - 21:32

SoftTH (fullscreen, DX9 x86). Edit %USERPROFILE%/Documents/UnrealEngine3/TryGame/Config/TryEngine.ini. ResX & ResY yours. Switch AspectRatio_MaintainXFOV to ...YFOV.

(PLP screenshot with bezel effect)

Optional FOV (recommended, stock is ~83 & feels bit strong): Edit TryInput.ini in same folder. Add line under [Engine.PlayerInput]: Bindings=(Name="F12",Command="FOV 80"). At gameplay start, press F12. Sometimes reverts (e.g. new chapter); press F12 again. (FOV 80 is approx, change as needed)

View guide for general help with the instructions.