Vanishing of Ethan Carter Redux 2015 VS 2014 & Manual PLP

Submitted by imusrt on 21 September, 2015 - 04:40

Game looks good, FOV proper. But some text is big (not a problem).

(PLP screenshot with bezel effect)

(VS 2014. Notice diminished color & contrast nearby. Also the sun is not reflected in water)

1. Always run from (path-to-game)\EthanCarter\Binaries\Win64\EthanCarter-Win64-Console.exe.
2. In-game Windowed (not Fullscreen Windowed), & ignore resolution.
3. ShiftWindow (+ border = borderless).
4. In-game console (~, no quotes, required on each restart):
A. Type "DisableAllScreenMessages" & press Enter (typing "D" pops-up selectable D... commands).
B. Type "fov 128.6" (adjust as needed, default 97) & press Enter. Exit console (~).
5. Quickly check your in-game options, every restart. Game is likely to forget & revert to defaults.

(Redux 2015, CP1)

(VS 2014, CP1. Notice diminished color, particularly in fog color & its depth)

1. 2014 version uses different Manual PLP Instructions, seen here
2. Sea-Thing Gate puzzle may require controller to complete (on any setup. Puzzle is cool, but optional).

(Redux 2015)

(VS 2014. Notice distance has less haze, so trees more discernible)

NOTABLE DIFFERENCES -- Redux 2015 VS 2014 game version
1. Redux generally has slightly more vibrant color palette, with higher contrast nearby, stronger light-ray impact on objects & more haze in distance (obscuring distant landscape more). Whereas 2014 version is comparably bit washed out, but can see more details in distance.
2. Redux water reflections are bit more realistic, mirroring landscape less & less transparent surface (due to stronger reflection of sky).
3. Redux does not require FWS to spread, but 2014 game does.
4. With FWS plugin, 2014 game gives perfect spread. Whereas Redux has no FWS plugin, so its text sometimes not proper.
5. Redux allows MSI Afterburner (or similar program). 2014 game does not.
6. Redux is bit heavier than 2014 game. But rare gamer may experience chugging in 2014 version (which has workaround).
7. Redux allows for perfectionist FOV fine-tuning. Whereas 2014 FWS FOV increments are more sizeable (2014 game only accepts FOV in whole numbers, ignoring decimals).
8. Camera angle on each game is slightly different, both look great (Redux view is a hint closer to ground).

(Redux 2015)

(VS 2014. Notice water reflection)

(Redux 2015)

(VS 2014. Notice diminished color & less haze in distance)

(Redux 2015)

(VS 2014. Notice water reflection, & how there is less light-ray impact on objects -- on grass, bench etc)

(Redux 2015)

(VS 2014. Notice diffused lighting. Generally weaker shadows & light rays on objects. Redux looks cleaner)

(Redux 2015)

(VS 2014. Notice diffused light, overall less contrast)

(Redux 2015. Appears to have more complex lighting)

(VS 2014. Notice how exterior lighting shines less into interior. Darker & less shiny surfaces.)

== Extras ==

(Redux 2015)

(Redux 2015. Rendered cutscene example)

View guide for general help with the instructions.