Joe Danger 2 The Movie 2013 Manual PLP Instructions

Submitted by imusrt on 14 November, 2015 - 00:00

Game spreads decent. Hor+, FOV proper. Main menu's 3D background is hor+ & letterboxed. Rendered video hor+. Race completion screen is hor+ letterboxed, with proper scoreboard text. Some elements stretch **.

(PLP screenshot with bezel effect)

1. In launcher, Windowed, settings how you want (recommend maxed, with Post Processing set to Med *), quit.
2. Hex Groundwork:
A. Download e.g.:
B. Open e.g. Windows Calculator; use View, Programmer.
C. Enter your resolution's width (use Dec radio-button. E.g. 3520).
D. Click Hex radio-button, jot down resulting four-character value (if three characters, precede with zero; e.g. 0DC0).
E. Take the last two characters & move them to the front (e.g. C00D). You will use this value in hex edit.
F. If your desired height differs from that stated in game launcher, repeat above for height (e.g. 1080 dec = 0438 hex = 3804).
3. Hex Edit:
A. Open HxD, drag this file onto it: (path-to-game)\Gamedata\Settings.bin.
B. Ctrl+G & enter 18 (i.e. at offset 18-19), enter your width value (e.g. C00D).
C. If height diffs from game launcher, Ctrl+G & enter 1C (i.e. at offset 1C-1D); enter your height value (e.g. 3804).
D. Save, quit. Make read-only (or not & always bypass launcher).
4. Start game, it's native borderless.

== Comparison: Post Processing On VS Off ==

(maxed with PP off. Notice crisp background & black on right)

(maxed. Notice blurry background & filled-in right side)

(maxed 1080p. Notice background less blurry)

1. ** These are stretched (none a problem, Eyefinity LLL is 50% more stretched): HUD, most text, startup logos, loading screens.
2. * If game is maxed (in launcher), post-processing significantly amplifies background blurring. Fix (recommended): turn maxed game's Post Processing down to Med (in Custom). This creates crisp enviros, with otherwise equivalent quality.
3. Regarding DRM, config's hex edit seems fine, but use at your own risk.

== Comparison: Post Processing On VS Off ==

(race selection, maxed with PP off)


(1080p comparison)

View guide for general help with the instructions.