Need for Speed: Underground 2

The game is based around tuning cars for street races, resuming the Need for Speed: Underground storyline.

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  • Hack
  • Stretched
  • Hack
  • Optimized
4k UltraHD:
Rendered Cut-Scene:
  • Hor+
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  • N/A
Game information
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Release Date:
Tuesday, 9 November, 2004

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Comparison Screenshots
  • 4:3 Screenshot
    4:3 (FOV Hack off), far cam
  • 16:10 Screenshot
     16:10 (X FOV: 1.25 Y FOV: 0.809), far cam
  • 16:9 Screenshot
    16:9 (X FOV: 1.34 Y FOV: 0.79), far cam
  • Super-Wide (32:9) Screenshot
    Need for Speed: Underground 2
  • Eyefinity / Surround Screenshot
    48:10 (X FOV: 2 Y FOV: 0.429), far cam
Solutions & Issues
Baseline (Widescreen) Solution & Issues

Your game must be patched to v1.2. You will also need a cracked exe.

I. Resolution: UniWS

1) If you already launched the game, make sure to set the resolution back to 640x480.
2) Download and run UniWS.
Select Need For Speed Underground 2 in the drop-down list.
Locate the installation folder (where SPEED2.EXE is, typically C:\Program Files\EA Games\Need For Speed Underground 2).
Specify the New Resolution you wish to use and click Patch.

At this point NFSUG2 is Vert- in widescreen and multi-mon resolutions.

II. FOV: Racer_S hack

1) Download and run (link below)
2) Position the sliders according to your aspect ratio (these are rough empirical settings, feel free to refine):

X FOV: 1.25
Y FOV: 0.809

X FOV: 1.34
Y FOV: 0.79

3) Launch the game. Press Numpad * to enable the hack.

The far & near chase cameras are now Hor+. The bumper & bonnet cams would require slightly different settings but should be ok in widescreen. The rear view mirror and HUD are unaffected by the hack and just stretch.

III. NFS Underground 2 Widescreen Fix
It's a plugin, which allows the game to run in widescreen resolution, defined in nfsu2_res.ini, without running any external tools. Exe v1.2 (4 800 512 bytes) is supported. To install, copy content of in NFS Underground 2 root directory. By default, if the X and Y parameters in nfsu_res.ini equals to 0, the plugin will run the game in your desktop resolution.


More info and feedback at gtaforums topic.

Ultra/Super-Wide (21:9/32:9) Specific Solution & Issues

Eyefinity / Surround Specific Solution & Issues

Use the ThirteenAG widescreen fix:

The original solution:
Same method as for widescreen.
However in multi-mon, the differences between third- and first-person cameras are so exaggerated that fixing one cam will break another..

Roughly Hor+ FOV Hack settings for 48:10 (chase cameras):
X FOV: 2
Y FOV: 0.429
With these settings, the bonnet cam is broken (black).

Roughly Hor+ FOV Hack settings for 48:10 (bonnet & bumper cams):
X FOV: 1.69
Y FOV: 0.379
With these settings, the far chase cam is noticeably stretched.

4k UHD Specific Solution & Issues
Expand all screenshots and resolution details
Expand all screenshots and resolution details

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